The Cafe Céilí Band
The members of the Café Céilí band had been playing music together since the mid 1990s in acoustic sessions all over Dublin... and even as far afield as Geneva, New York and Sydney. In early 2000 Breandán decided it was time to move into amplified shows and dances - so he set about booking tourist pubs, yacht clubs, weddings, school halls and anywhere that wanted to hear Irish tunes, songs and stories. He organised a versatile group of singers, tune players and backers to play at these venues, and Café Céilí was born.

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While aimed primarily at either performing Irish music for foreign audiences, or providing the backing to céilí dances for locals, the Café Céilí band have consistently pushed the boundaries of their craft - drawing on songs and tunes from Scotland, Australia and America, among other places.

Café Céilí's sound is based on a rythm section of guitar, bass and piano (Ali & Eugene), merged with up to 4 'tune' instruments, including fiddles, banjo, accordian, and whistle (Máiréad, Jim and Brendán). Ali, Eugene, Jim and Breandán all give vocal performances from time to time, with Breandán specialising in Irish language songs.


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