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Our knowledge and experience save you time and money getting your ideas online.
For example we maintain the following sites: [ www.leixlip.info ] - [ www.accs.ie ] - [ www.cuplafocal.ie ]

Would you like to have a web presence?


Do you need a web site?

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Why have a web presence?

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You must have a presence on the world wide web if you would like

  • to enhance your business by providing information to your customers or clients or to your own staff,
  • to make online sales;
  • to share your knowledge or enthusiasm for some subject or hobby with others,
  • to promote some cause which you support,
  • to keep in touch with your family and friends around the world.
  • to save money on paper, envelopes, postage, and labour in making mail shots.


How we can help ...

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We can help you to clarify your own objectives and recommend internet solutions which will be cost-effective. Remember a web page can be as simple or as elaborate as you want using text, graphics, photos, animations, sound, collapsible lists, search engines, forms, and all the tricks and embellishments you see on other sites. We will suggest what is possible. From then on it is up to you.


If you already have a site ....

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If you don't have the time or the skills to redesign, update, and maintain an existing website why not let us quote for the job? We may be able to do it for you at more reasonable cost and even add a bilingual or multi-lingual dimension to your site if you so wish together with improved graphics, photos, animations, sound, collapsible lists, search engines, or forms.

If you are setting up a web site for the first time ...

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  • We will offer you various cost-effective arrangements to suit your needs.
  • We can show you how to put all your people throughout the world in constant touch with each other.
  • You can have your own complete site with your own domain name and space on a server of your choice -- we will advise you on "domain names" and "hosting with an internet service provider" and take on this work for you as part of our proposal;
  • or you can take space on one of our domain names for a small annual fee.
  • We can look after graphics and templates and show your staff how to enter content as required.
  • We can give you a search engine within the site.
  • We will register you with the most popular search engines on the web.
  • We can design forms for you so that your customers can contact you with specific information.
  • If you intend to make sales directly from your site using a "shopping cart" or "secure credit card payment" over the internet we may be willing to work for you on commission. You will make additional sales and we will gradually receive payment for our work provided the site is a success.

What is the procedure?

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  • Contact us by phone, by post, or by email. -- by phone 01-6104442; by post -- Eo Feasa Web Design, Leixlip Gate, Leixlip, Co Kildare; by email
  • We will arrange to meet with you to discuss the project; what you need immediately and how the site might develop in the future. We will meet you -- or discuss with you over the telephone or by email -- as often as necessary to get an understanding of why you want a website and what you want it to do for you. We will help you to clarify your objectives and what you want to include on the site.
  • For basic web pages all you need is to send us the text and photos and we will do the rest.
  • For more elaborate sites we will prepare a detailed "URD" -- User Requirement Document -- and submit it to you with our quotation for the work involved.
  • We will supply you with "Initial Design Proposals" in a written document for your approval which will contain some alternative designs to allow you to choose the look and feel of your site.
  • When further issues requiring your approval arise in the design of the site we will consult with you and invite you to help in arriving at a layout that will best meet your needs. .
  • You will supply us with the material to be published on the site whether in the form of text or photographs.
  • Finally we will complete the preparation of the site in time for the agreed deadline.
  • If we are to maintain the site for a period we will agree to allow you to retain a proportion of the fee incurred for this service and to pay it to us by the month or at agreed times during the year.

How much does it cost?

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From €50 to €10,000. You can have a page put up on one of our existing sites for €50. Calculate up to €200, VAT included, for a number of pages or design of a template with some simple graphics and photographs. Add in the cost of a domain name and hosting.


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The cost depends on the amount of work and time involved, the number of people required to design the site, how quickly you need it done, and how many graphics, buttons, banners, logos, photos, roll-overs, forms, etc etc you would like on your pages; and whether you would like a "search engine" or animations or sound on the site. We believe our quotation will be more competitive than most. Please tell us if it is not.

Your own domain name?

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In addition there is the question of having your own domain name or of using space on one of ours which will still give you a distinctive address on the internet. (The choice is: do you buy the whole building or just rent some office space in it?) Your own domain name would look like this "www.yourname.ie" and would ideally be easily remembered by all. We can help you find a domain name at a very competitive rate. It will belong to you not us. We are not out to deceive.

Hosting for your site?

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Once you have your domain name registered you then need somewhere to keep your site online so that it will always be accessible on the world wide web. This is called hosting and charges vary. The services which hosting companies can offer also vary so it is important to get a company which can meet your particular requirements. We can advise on this as we deal with a number of competitively priced Irish and English hosting companies.

Placing your web pages on one of
our domains

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A cheaper option by far for a small site of a few pages is to take space for a year on one of our sites and point your own domain name to your own page on this site. One such site is a music agency site: www.goodgigs.com . This is a site which gives online advertising space to musicians, groups, bands, and venues wishing to make themselves known without incurring huge expense. The current charge is 50 euro per year plus VAT for one or two pages with photographs. The domain name www.cafeceili.com points at its own pages on that site. Click now and see how it works.

Another such site is www.leixlip.info which is an online directory for the town of Leixlip. Rates for this sites start as low as €50 per page per year for a commercial entry in the online business directory. It is also possible to advertise for free on www.leixlip.info by placing a "small ad" and in addition there is a monitored "Discussion Board" where you can air your views on current topics or ask for information.


The "Commission Option" ...

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If it were possible for us to work for you on commission it would cost you no more than the initial deposit and we would take the rest of our payment in commission on your online sales up to an agreed sum over an agreed period. See the www.cuplafocal.ie site for an example of an Irish Language bookshop, CÚPLA FOCAL, Bray, Co Wicklow, which went online and is now adding significantly to its sales from new customers in other parts of Ireland and throughout the world.

For more detailed information and a free initial consultation please contact us:

    • by email eofeasa@eircom.net,
    • by phone 01-6104442, or
    • by post Eo Feasa Web Design, Leixlip, Co Kildare, Ireland.
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